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                                      product name:QN-838 main characteristics:★ No seams, stronger ★ stylish, high-end atmosphere ★Excellent quality, good after-sales, company products nationwide warranty


                                      • 01Uniform standards

                                        Strictly produced according to standards, each piece is safe and durable, your choice

                                      • 02Factory direct supply

                                        QUEEN is a professional manufacturer of sanitary ware, with excellent team and quality assurance.

                                      • 03Multiple patents

                                        QUEEN has more than ten national patents and continues to provide you with higher quality products.

                                      • 04Quality Assurance

                                        The internal raw materials of QUEEN are brand certification and absolute quality assurance.

                                      Uniform standards

                                      Factory direct supply

                                      Multiple patents

                                      Quality Assurance

                                      queen ware——High-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales

                                      SERVICE HOTLINE:13305632509

                                      ABOUT US about QUEEN

                                      Xuancheng Queen Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, It is located in Xuancheng, the famous hometown of four treasures of study. With high quality products and competitive prices, sunflower has become a leading enterprise among the bathroom manufacturers. We specialize in producing acrylic ordinary bathtub, ...

                                      SERVICE HOTLINE:13305632509

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                                      • What should I pay attention to w...

                                        Use acrylic bathtub to pay attention to maintenance, if not often maintenance, the bathtub will also "old age fade", after a long time there will be collapse, stains, rough and so on. Take care of the...

                                      • Use the jacuzzi to pay attention...

                                        Before using the massage cylinder, do not start the motor without water in the bathtub (water should be placed at the specified water level), which may cause the motor to burn out. Turn off the power ...

                                      • What are the maintenance methods...

                                        Many qualified people choose a surf bath when choosing a bathroom product, so they can take a comfortable bath in their own home, but the bathtub is not good to buy, it is not only uncomfortable to us...

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